History of The Conference

The first international conference on tuberculosis was held in 1867, well before the cause of TB was discovered by Prof Robert Koch in 1882. The Union traces its origins to these gatherings of experts from around the world who were determined to collaborate and find a common solution to “the White Plague” – tuberculosis. The International Union Against Tuberculosis (IUAT) was formed by 31 national lung associations at the first meeting held after World War I in Paris in 1920. This is known as the Constitutional Conference.

2020: Seville, Spain Prof Guy Marks
2019: Hyderabad, India Dr Jeremiah Chakaya Muhwa
2018: The Hague, The Netherlands Dr Jeremiah Chakaya Muhwa
2017: Guadalajara, Mexico Dr Jeremiah Chakaya Muhwa
2016: Liverpool, United Kingdom Dr E Jane Carter
2015: Cape Town, South Africa Dr E Jane Carter
2014: Barcelona, Spain Dr E Jane Carter
2013: Paris, France Dr E Jane Carter
2012: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dr E Jane Carter
2011: Lille, France Dr S Bertel Squire
2010: Berlin, Germany Dr S Bertel Squire
2009: Cancun, Mexico Dr S Bertel Squire
2008: Paris, France Dr S Bertel Squire
2007: Cape Town, South Africa Dr Asma El Sony
2006: Paris, France Dr Asma El Sony
2005: Paris, France Dr Asma El Sony
2004: Paris, France Dr Asma El Sony
2003: Paris, France Prof Anne Fanning
2002: Montreal, Canada Prof Anne Fanning
2001: Paris, France Prof Anne Fanning
2000: Florence, Italy Dr Kjell Bjartveit
1999: Madrid, Spain Dr Kjell Bjartveit
1998: Bangkok, Thailand Dr Songkram Supcharoen
1997: Paris, France Dr Songkram Supcharoen
1996: Paris, France Dr Songkram Supcharoen
1995: Paris, France Dr Songkram Supcharoen
1994: Mainz, Germany Prof Rudolf Ferlinz
1990: Boston, United States Mr James Swomley
1986: Singapore Dr N C Sen Gupta
1982: Buenos Aires, Argentina Prof H Rodriguez Castells
1978: Brussels, Belgium Prof A Gyselen
1975: Mexico City, Mexico Mr Miguel Jimenez
1973: Tokyo, Japan Mr T Shimatzu
1971: Moscow, Russia Prof V Chebanov
1969: New York, United States Dr James E Perkins
1967: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Prof Jan K Kraan
1965: Munich, Germany Prof Erich Schröder
1963: Rome, Italy Prof Attilio Omodei Zorini
1961: Toronto, Canada Dr G J Wherrett
1959: Istanbul, Turkey Prof Ismail Tewfik Saglam
1957: New Delhi, India Dr P V Benjamin
1954: Madrid, Spain Prof A Crespo Alvarez
1952: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Prof Manoel de Abreu
1950: Copenhagen, Denmark Prof K A Jensen
1937: Lisbon, Portugal Dr Loro de Carvalho
1934: Warsaw, Poland Dr Eugenjusz Piestrzynski
1932: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Prof Willelm Nolen
1930: Oslo, Norway Prof Théodor Frölich
1928: Rome, Italy Dr F A Piomarta
1926: Washington, D.C., United States Dr Theobald Smith
1924: Lausanne, Switzerland Dr F Morin
1922: Brussels, Belgium Dr E Dewez
1921: London, United Kingdom Prof Robert Philip
1920: Paris, France IUAT Constitutional Conference
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