Cancellations, Transfers & Lost Badges

The Union is aware that the rapidly developing situation regarding COVID-19 will impact seriously on events scheduled to take place over the next few months at least. Read the full COVID-19 statement.

Cancellation policy

The policy regarding cancellation of paid registrations is as follows:

  • Cancellations received before 21 September: full refund minus a 25 euro handling fee.
  • No refund on cancellations after 21 September, even if due to visa rejection, illness or other reason.
  • All refunds will be paid after the conference.

Transferring a registration

It is possible to transfer an existing registration to another person if you can no longer attend the conference. Residents of low or lower-middle income countries may transfer a registration for a 40-euro fee, and an 80-euro fee for all other participants. Name changes can be made until 16 October. Name changes onsite will be considered as a new registration.

Lost badges

If you lose your badge while attending the conference, please inform the registration staff immediately. You will need to show proof of identity to receive a replacement badge. Replacement badges are subject to a 50-euro fee.

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